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Hi my fellow travel enthusiasts! As I get a number of questions on the way I edit my journey photographs I thought I’d share my editing keys together with you . Well, its not really such a secret. . I create my own presets at Adobe Lightroom! So whenever I travel somewhere new it will take me only a couple clicks in my phone to edit my new travel photos. I believe it is so much fun and I love how simple it’s on the go. That explains the reason I thought I would share my presets with you guys at no cost. I hope you enjoy them! All these absolutely free presets will be able to allow you to improve your travel photos in only a few clicks, and all you will need is a smartphone and also an email address. Um. . What Is A Lightroom Preset? No clue what I’m talking about? No worries. A preset is a mixture of picture configurations someone has saved and created together with the favorite editing software Adobe Lightroom. It’s hands down the very best editing applications on the marketplace, and it is adored by both novices and the pros because of this. If you wish to use Lightroom in your computer you want to cover a monthly or annual subscription (worth every penny). However, the Lightroom program for your mobile is 100% totally free! What you could Expect From Lightroom Mobile Presets de My Complimentary Presets The Traveling Pack includes 4 presets I’ve grown myself, all motivated from popular travel destinations in Asia. The presets are very bright and vibrant, which works perfectly nicely with tropical photos. If your photos turn out too bright or too colorful you can readily make adjustments in the Lightroom program after employing the preset. Read more information at the conclusion of this post. Although presets in general are a wonderful way to edit images fast, results will vary and all pictures won’t turn out the same. This is due to each photographs individual properties such as image quality, white balance, original exposure, original color balance and a lot more. But, presets are a great way to start experimenting and they’re so much pleasure! Have a look at my before and after photos below to get an notion about what you may count on from my traveling presets. Before & After The Traveling Pack Want some real life illustrations on edits done along with my free preset package? Keep scrollin’ to see before and after pictures edited with 4 presets. All photos were taken with an iPhone (aka no elaborate camera). Free of charge PRESET I: BALI A fresh and bright preset motivated by magic Bali. Perfect for the beach-y vibes. Totally free PRESET II: PINK DREAM A hot and dreamy preset with lots of pink and orange tones. Ideal for vibrant reasons like this Gorgeous pink cathedral

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